Volleyball F.A.Q.

Volleyball F.A.Q~

  1. We are wanting to play on Sunday and we are “average” so we wanted to know if you don’t have enough “average” teams sign up for Sunday’s would they be playing “beginners or advanced” on Sunday’s? And if BooDad’s doesn’t have enough teams signed up for Sunday how do you handle that? 
    • 6’s are more beginners and 4’s are more average with the 4’s Power on Thur being advanced. There is some overlap, but that is the general rule of thumb. If there are not enough teams signed up for your league, we check back with you to see if you can play other available nights or leagues. If not, we refund your money.
  1. Subs- We have 4 guys and wanted to know if one of our players can’t make it at the last minute can we have anyone sub out for that person “guy or girl” even if they are not on our registration?
    • Yes, just get a sub of similar skill level. Don’t bring in the ringer on tournament night.
  1. If a holiday lands on our night to play like Easter… are the games postponed? 
    • No, our leagues run every day, rain or shine, and regardless of holidays. The captains always have the option of rescheduling (possibly a double header the following week, or a different day of the week, etc.) if both captains agree to do so. The rescheduling must be done upon court availability. We don’t reserve courts for make-ups, it’s first come, first serve except that people renting the courts will have priority over a make-up – meaning you could get kicked off the court if a group shows up willing to rent it.
  2. We have kids, can we bring them while we play our games?
    • Yes, kids are welcome until 10pm in all areas. After 10:00 pm kids and minors are restricted to certain areas.