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The Sand Pits hosts leagues on its five outdoor sand volleyball courts providing a great opportunity to relieve stress, build camaraderie with friends and coworkers, meet new people, or to just simply have a good time. Leagues generally start around April 1st and continue up to October 15th. Three separate 10-week sessions are run consecutively. 2, 4 and 6 player teams are divided into Recreational, Intermediate and Power skill levels with the most popular being COED 6’s Recreational and Any-mix 4’s Intermediate. Specialized corporate, church or “related industry” (i.e.: a league with realtors, mortgage lenders and insurance agents) leagues can be created. Each league meets at its own same time and day every week (i.e.: Every Wednesday at the same time for 10 weeks). Costs are $120 for doubles, $220 for 4’s and $300 for 6’s. For entry forms, stop by The Sand Pits @ BOODAD’S, submit your mailing/email address to receive one before each registration period, or click the following.

  • Register Online 1st Session (If you are having problems with online payment please clear your browser cache and try again. If you are still up able to register please email
  • Download Sand Volleyball League Entry Form – Coming Soon 1st Session, 2018 (April 1st-June 9th; deadline is March 23rd)

After Registration Deadline Late Fee: Add $50/team


Join this league on any Friday  for one night or the whole 10 week session. Cost is $72/nt for a 6’s coed team or  $60/nt for 4’s any-mix team. – or sign up ahead of time for the entire 10-week session at a deep discount (see entry form) Just show up, register and pay before 5:45pm. Play starts at 6:00. Every league night (that team is present), 6’s teams receive three free pitchers of beer and 4’s get two free pitchers. Pool play format. The team who wins each pool (most wins, point differential as tie-breaker) for the night will then receive an additional pitcher of beer for free. If multiple pools per league, then multiple teams will win the extra pitcher.

The team who has received the most pitchers at the end of 10-week session for that particular league and particular night (i.e.: Friday 6’s) will receive a $100 bar-tab. Free pitchers and purchased pitchers will count. Fans, not just teammates, may purchase pitchers towards the team’s count. The pitchers must be received during that league night to count (i.e.: Friday night pitchers count only towards Friday leagues, even if the team also plays on Saturdays). The bartender/server must be notified at time of purchase to apply the pitcher to a particular team’s count. Pitchers cannot be applied retroactively.

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K/Q is every Monday at 6:45pm during the league season . This is for the individual doubles player – all skill levels. You do not need a partner and can play any week you choose (i.e.: This is not a league, so you can start at any time and don’t have to be there every week, just play when you feel like it). Cost is $10. Show up by 6:45 to sign up. Entrants after 6:45 will not be allowed to play. Play starts at 7:00pm sharp . You must be warm and ready to go by 7:00.

All players will be ranked. Newcomers start at the bottom and must work their way up. At 6:45, all present players will be divided into divisions (men and women separate but may be combined for low turnout). The top 8-10 ranked players in division 1, next 8-10 in division 2 and so on. Divisions split into pools of 4-5 players with players then breaking into upper and lower pools. Points are accumulated throughout. Your seeding is determined on your average showings. Your seeding is not hurt by a no-show. $2 of each individual fee is given back to players at the end of the 10-week session based on accumulative points and rankings.

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A variety of tournaments (one or two day events as opposed to an 10-week league) are hosted at The Sand Pits, whether run by The Sand Pits or other tournament directors.  If you are interested in running a tournament at The Sand Pits, please contact


Our courts can be rented out for $30/an hour (¢.50/ a minute) call to reserver your court 719.380.7263