Beach Volleyball Rules


Sand Pits’ General League RULES

1. 1st team listed serves 1st & 3rd game. Change sides at 8 points in 3rd game. Team ahead when time is called wins. Please start on time as you are allotted a one hour time slot only. At the end of the hour, if there is a league or other event scheduled for your court, play is to stop, whether the games are finished or not.

2. Best 2 out of 3. You will play two games to 21/cap 23, Rally scoring. If the games are split, a 3rd game to 15/cap 17 is to be played. Record the win/loss results on the schedule posted on the wall (i.e.: either 2-0, or 2-1). In Rally scoring, a point is awarded every play, not just if you are serving. Serves can hit the net in Rally scoring.

3. Tournament Night: EVERY TEAM plays. Except for a 4 team league where the tournament is spread over the last 2 nights, the top 8 teams are seeded and play a 1 game to 21/no cap single elimination tournament. The winner of the tournament is winner of the league. Teams that do not make the top 8 play regular matches as shown on the
schedule. If courts are available, league director may opt to include all teams in larger leagues in single elim. brackets – see schedule.

4. We will play RAIN OR SHINE. Teams may mutually agree to postpone. Court time available for make-ups is becoming scarce (ie: The Sand Pits is not responsible for providing court time for make-ups.). Make-ups need to be played before the last night. Postponements need to be arranged before the time of play. Please contact the other
team. If all else fails, you need to show up and be ready to play.

5. Forfeit time is 15 minutes after game time for all 3 games.

6. Rosters: 6-player – maximum of 10 people. (Minimum of 4 to start match) 4-player – maximum of 6 people. (Minimum of 2 to start match) Doubles – maximum of 4 people.

7. COED Teams – no more than 3 males on the court at a time. Teams do not need even numbers of men and women to play.

8. Substitutions: Spectators may sub. Spectator subs should be same skill level or below as your team

9. The ball may be played with any part of the body.

10. Net contact is illegal. Call your violations. This is for your safety.

11. MAKE YOUR OWN CALLS! Any disputes should be a replay.

12. No two handed spikes or throws.

13. Any player, including the blocker, may contact the ball after a block. 4- and 6-player teams: A block does not count as a contact. (3 contacts still allowed)

14. No blocking or spiking the serve. Serve anywhere behind the end line. 

6-Player Recreational Rules

1. Open handed underhand hits are legal as long as the ball isn’t caught or thrown. Violations will be called if these hits are obvious.

2. Back row players may not block.

3. No jump serving.

6-Player Intermediate Rules

1. Underhand hits must be bumped or with closed fist.

2. Serves must be received with a bump or chisel shot. No hand/finger sets on serve.

3. Back row players may not block.

4-Player Rules

1. All players may spike.

2. Players do not have to rotate into service position but correct service order must be maintained.

3. Teams can be all male, all female, or mixed.

4. All hand/finger sets must be perpendicular to shoulders and not held or doubled and can be directed over the net.

5. Serve must be received with bump or chisel shot. No hand/finger sets on serve.

6. No open-handed dinks/tips.

Doubles Rules

1. Best 2 of 3 Games to 21/23, (3rd game, if needed to 15/17) Rally scoring.

2. Team ahead at end of time is the winner.

3. Serve must be received with bump or chisel shot.

4. Change sides on multiples of 7.

5. The blocker may make the next hit.

6. Intermediate: A block does NOT count as a contact. Power: A block counts as a contact.

7. No open-handed dinks/tips. 

The preceding rules override, but the Official US Beach Volleyball Rules (located at bar) also apply.